PyPI Release Checklist

Before Your First Release

  1. Register the package on PyPI:

    python register
  2. Visit PyPI to make sure it registered.

For Every Release

  1. Update HISTORY.rst

  2. Commit the changes:

    git add HISTORY.rst
    git commit -m "Changelog for upcoming release 0.1.1."
  3. Update version number (can also be patch or major)

    bumpversion minor
  4. Install the package again for local development, but with the new version number:

    python develop
  5. Run the tests:

  6. Push the commit:

    git push
  7. Push the tags, creating the new release on both GitHub and PyPI:

    git push --tags
  8. Check the PyPI listing page to make sure that the README, release notes, and roadmap display properly. If not, try one of these:

    1. Copy and paste the RestructuredText into to find out what broke the formatting.

    2. Check your long_description locally:

      pip install readme_renderer
      python check -r -s
  9. Edit the release on GitHub (e.g. Paste the release notes into the release’s release page, and come up with a title for the release.

About This Checklist

This checklist is adapted from:

It assumes that you are using all features of Cookiecutter PyPackage.